why you should learn the cores of any language before learning frameworks or libraries.

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With hundreds of frameworks and libraries popping out from different angles on regular basis.

There are certain mistakes made by most programmers, especially beginners, which is learning libraries or frameworks before learning the cores of the language itself.

This often leads them into being incompetent, even after building numerous projects using frameworks/libraries, they still find difficult it to comprehend the cores of the language.

why should you learn the cores of a language?

There are several reasons why you should learn the cores of a language before using it's frameworks/libraries,

these includes:

1: Easy understanding-:

Learning the cores of a language makes it's easier for you to understand it's frameworks/libraries.

2: Easy Usage-:

Learning the cores of a language breaks the difficulty barrier in using it's frameworks/libraries, it helps you use these frameworks/libraries with ease and also makes it easier for you to integrate your custom functions alongside.

3: Easier Debugging-:

Understanding the core concepts of a language makes Debugging easier for you, whenever you encounter errors using it's frameworks/libraries.

I hope this article helps you understand the importance of learning the core concepts of any language before using it's frameworks/libraries.

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